In this interview series, host Alicia Menendez talks to remarkable Latinas about making it, faking it, and everything in between.


In often-hilarious and always-revealing episodes, Alicia and her guests take on the challenges of existing, and then thriving, as women of color. We talk about the causes and ideas that are on their minds — everything from colorism and homophobia in our own community to reimagining the systems that keep us out in a way that lets us — and everyone else — in. 

Made by two Latinas with love.



Meet the Team


Alicia Menendez
HosT & Co-Producer

Alicia Menendez is a journalist and multimedia storyteller. Named “Broadcast Journalism’s New Gladiator” by Elle Magazine, “Ms. Millennial” by The Washington Post, and a “Content Queen” by Marie Claire, Alicia has quickly become a force in American media. She currently works as a co-host of Amanpour & Co., a global affairs show which airs on PBS and CNNi; and a contributing editor at Bustle, the largest media property for Millennial women. Previously, Alicia worked at FusionTV, as the host of a nightly news and pop culture show. In its first year on air, Alicia Menendez Tonight was honored with a Gracie Award for “Outstanding Talk Show.” In addition to her nightly show, Alicia produced and hosted a one-hour primetime special, Generation in Crisis, for which she traveled to El Salvador, Rwanda and a Syrian refugee camp in Northern Jordan. During the 2016 Presidential primaries, Alicia co-moderated the Iowa Brown and Black Forum, pressing the Democratic hopefuls on issues of importance to Latino and African-American communities. Alicia has also contributed reporting to ABC’s Nightline and World News Tonight, as well as ABC’s Emmy-nominated 2014 Election Night coverage, and shared her spirited take on current events on Good Morning America, This Week and The View



Maria Murriel

Maria Murriel is a writer and audio producer. She's interested in personal stories that connect to pivotal moments in society, and in work that elevates underrepresented voices. She covered extremist politics in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election, as well as the Trump inauguration and the Women's March on Washington for PRI's The World and the BBC World Service. She produced Crooked Media's Pod Save the People, and The Conversation's Heat and Light: Stories from 1968. She was also an adjunct in the bilingual master's program at the CUNY Newmark School of Journalism, and led Futuro Media Group's first Community Podcast Lab at the PRX Podcast Garage in Boston.



Juleyka Lantigua-WIlliams
Executive Producer

In 2017, Juleyka founded a production company, Lantigua Williams & Co., after 18+ years in media (NPR, The Atlantic, Random House). Its mission is to support and amplify the work of creators of color in digital audio and film.

Currently an associate producer on ``Sol de agosto (August Sun),`` a short film that was shortlisted for the BAFTA Student Awards and is an official selection at the 2018 Palm Springs International ShortFest, the company is also a producer on the pilot for ``Barry & Joe: The Animated Series,`` an adult time-travel adventure in which President Obama and VP Biden travel back in time to save the world. Within months of launching, Lantigua-Williams & Co. was awarded a grant from the MacArthur Foundation to create a podcast (“70 Million) to chronicle criminal justice reform from the ground up around the country. Juleyka’s work as a multimedia journalist reached tens millions of people and appeared in The Houston Chronicle,The Miami Herald, The Chicago Tribune, and the L.A. Times, among dozens of national and local papers, and publications like JET, The Progressive, and Nieman Reports. Juleyka earned a masters in print journalism from Boston University and an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College. A Fulbright Scholar (Spain) and John Jay/Tow 2016 Criminal Justice Reporting Fellow, she volunteers as the communications director for TEDxFulbright. Lantigua-Williams has made inclusion a central theme in her life’s work, while endeavoring to fully understand her own experiences as a hyphenated American.

The goal of Latina to Latina is to take those intimate, honest conversations I have with other Latinas in private and share them with you. We talk about work and how these superstars got to be where they are, what they’ve learned along the way, and what they hope to do next.
— Alicia Menendez

About Lantigua Williams & Co. 

Founded in 2017 by veteran journalist Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, Lantigua Williams & Co., Inc. is a digital production studio with the mission of supporting storytellers working in audio and film. With its creative and business partners, the company produces podcasts, documentaries, films, and other types of original narrative-driven works. Among them, are 70 Million, a podcast about criminal justice reform supported by a grant from the MacArthur Foundation; Shot Caller, a pop and drink culture podcast, Key Conversations with Phi Beta Kappa, featuring today's leading academics, and Democracy in Color, which examines how the new ascending majority is changing the political landscape. @LanWilCo